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  Importers and distributors of automotive/furniture materials and garage equipment. This was the original company founded by Mr. Paul Coleiro.

Throughout the years, Coleiro General Supplies Limited has established itself as a leader in these fields and boasts of a high reputation both with its customers and international suppliers.

We offer our customers an unrivaled backup service with regards to product information and its proper application. Training courses are regularly organized to help keep customers updated with the latest products news.

With regards to garage equipment, we keep extensive stocks of spare parts to ensure the ongoing operations of our customers. This is backed up by our highly trained technical department with timely servicing.

Below are a few of our main business partners and suppliers, some of whom we have been dealing with since the incorporation of the company, in 1976

  List of Suppliers

-Max Meyer
-Fini Compressors
-Termomeccanica GL
-Anest Iwata
-Car Cosmetics
-Pei Point
-Flex Car S.A.S Abrasivi
-Fassa Bortolo
-Hydro Press
-Eco Technics
-IPM Italia
-MB Autoattrezature

Automotive paints including nitrocellulose, two pack acrylic, two pack polyurethane, basecoat and water based products. Ancillary items such as hardeners, primers, fillers and lacquers.
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Extensive range of industrial coatings.



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A vast range of compressed air products to suit the particular needs of each customer.
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Vehicle testing equipment, computerized test lanes for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Wheel aligning equipment.
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Oven bake spray booths - body aligning Jigs
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Exhaust extraction systems, air conditioning recycling and recharging units.
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Professional Spray Guns
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Glass bonding systems, underbody sealers and other car repair products.
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Aerosol Products for car care.
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Multi function bodywork stations, spot welding equipment.
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Automotive diagnostic equipment, digital owscilloscopes, gas analysers, diesel meters, stroboscopes.
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Components for compressed air, air fittings, blow guns, spray guns and kits, pneumatic regulators, filters and lubricators.
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Air powered tools, sanders, drillers, chisels, cutters, grinders, buffers, hammers and impact wrenches.
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Abrasive sheets and rolls, self-adhesive pads, filters and masks.
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Nitromors Paint Remover
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Polishing products
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plastering products for interior & exterior applications.(graffiato, gypsum & many more)

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Work shop equipment, including 2&4 post lifts, oil suction equipment, gearbox jacks & many more.
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Cold/warm water high pressure washers.

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Water based paints for the domestic & industrial market. Both interior & external

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